Sensible districts

Like in every other town, there are in Nice some places were crime rates are higher. In these places most inhabitants are victims, not drug dealers or molesters. Most of them will welcome you. However, as tourists, it is advised not to park your vehicles there, for exemple. Foreign registration plates are quickly noticed and the cars might be vandalized and the glasses broken to search and steal what's inside. This is true also everywhere in Nice. Do not let anything visible in your car, especially in summer.

Two sensible districts are "les Moulins", West of the city, near the Paul Montel boulevard, and the "Ariane", East.

Les Moulins



But other areas, closer from the city center are very similar to these ones. The Pasteur district, along the Pasteur boulevard and near the hospital suffers from the developpment of petty or more serious crime, and drug deals. Same thing for the St Roch area, near the "top" of the St Roch boulevard, the Barel boulevard and the Semard boulevard. (Do not mistake with the St Roch hospital, which is located in an other area.) Those places are located on the Paillon river sides, upstream from the Exhibition center.



St Roch

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