The 2019 carnival took place between February the 16th and March  the 2nd. The theme was cinema.

See you in 2020.

The usual route for the parades is now limited to a protected area around Massena square and the Albert the 1st garden, after the terror attack of July 2016. Expect huge traffic jams around the Massena Square during the parades, since the square and many streets around will be closed to all traffic then.

Floats parade, battle of flowers... It is possible to enjoy the show, from a reserved seat (26€/ adult) or from the streets around the garden (with a fee).

Note that you can see the parade for free if you stay along Felix Faure avenue or St Jean Baptiste Avenue just before the beginning of the official parade. You will then be able to decide whether it's worth paying to see it.

Program, prices and booking on the official web page.

The Nice Carnival is mainly a commercial show and few Nice inhabitants really take part in the festivities, unlike what happens in Venice, in Belgium or the North of France.

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