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French for "French Riviera" is "Côte d'Azur" - The Azure Coast. Hence the name of this website. 

The terror attack of July the 14th, 2016

Nice, like many cities before, was the target of an islamic terror attack on July the 14th 2016, killing 86 people and leaving hundreds of others crippled. The city is still under shock. Around 40,000 people were attending the concerts and watching the fireworks when the attack occured. Almost all Nice inhabitants know at least one victim or one devastated witness of the slaughter.

As a consequence, several events were cancelled, such as the Prom'party, the fireworks, the cycling Europe championship, the Nice triathlon... Other events such as the Carnival, the Paris-Nice cycling race will not be cancelled but will take place somewhere else. The Promenade will be closed to any kind of joyful event until the celebration of July the 14th, 2017.


Nice Azur is a touristic guide for Nice, the French Riviera and the  Maritime Alps, meant for visitors who plan to stay in our region. It's an insider guide, written by Nice inhabitants. Our aim is to give you the practical and cultural information which will make your trip easier and more interesting.

This is not an official site. Neither the Nice city's one, nor any other institutional organisation's one.

Nice Azur is not a promotion site, such as the tourists' office one. Nice is not short of assets. However not everything is perfect here and we clearly state what we don't like.

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