The archeological crypt enables you to discover the basement of the 14th century city walls, and more particularly an ancient door to the city, the "Porte Paiirolière".

This door had disappeared, the walls being destroyed to the ground in the 17th century by order of Louis the 14th. But the basement was still there, buried into the ground for 3 centuries. That's what you're going to see in the crypt.

To visit it you have to wear shoes with flat heels because you'll use stairs and walk on grids. The entrance is forbidden to children under 7.

The visit lasts barely one hour but you have to book it ahead online or at the patrimony center of the town hall, 1 Pierre Gautier square. (tel : 04 92 00 41 90)

Adult fare : 5€.

The entrance is Toja square, next to the Garibaldi square, just in front of tha Nice National Theater.


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