By aircraft

Here you will find information about the ways to go to and from Nice airport.

The Nice Côte d'Azur airport is the third in France after the two large Paris airports, Roissy et Orly. There are many airlines going to Nice.

To know everything about the airport and the available flights.

There are two terminals in the airport. Be sure to check on your tickets from which one you leave. Free bus shuttle commute from one to the other but you'll need 5 to 10mn, plus the wait time.

The airport is very close to the city center (7km) and going from one to the other is easy and fast.

By bus

The easiest way to go to the airport is now to use the line 2 of the streetcar. It starts at the avenue Jean Médecin and will soon depart from the port.

BEWARE : check the final station of the streetcar you get in. Some go to the airport (AEROPORT), others to an administrative center (CADAM). If you make a mistake, you might miss your plane.

The city buses network will deeply change in september 2019. More about this later.

The airport bus station is just next to the Terminal 1 building. Exit the terminal, turn left and walk along the building. From the Terminal 2, take the bus shuttle.

  • with a direct bus
    special lines link the city center directly to the Terminals 1 and 2. Tickets cost 6 € (in 2015). They include connections with all urban buses within 74mn.
    • The line 98 goes along the sea and ends at the MAMAC museum. One bus every 20mn during the day.
    • The line 99 goes to the SNCF train station "Nice ville" through the boulevard Gambetta. Buses are not as frequent as on line 98.
    • The line 23 is not a special line but stops directly at Terminal 1. The fare is 1,50€. The trip lasts longer than with lines 98 and 99.
  • with a streetcar
    Each terminal has its own streetcar stop. You can use any valid ticket including a connection. There is no extra fee to go to the airport this way.
  • with an urban bus
    The fare is 1.50€. Buses do not enter the airport. You have to take them at the bus stop (B) which is located on the seashore road, just in front of the Terminal 1. It's a 2mn walk.

    1 = Terminal 1
    2 = Terminal 2
    B. Bus stop on the seashore road.

    If you go to Nice do not cross the road, you're on the good side.

    If you go to St Laurent, Cagnes, etc... cross the road using the zebra crossing protected by traffic lights. The raod is an 8lanes one, so it's dangerous.

  • Beware, some bus lines (94, 200, 400, 500...) ride along this bus stop but cannot drop passengers who got in in Nice. In the other direction, towards the city, they can only drop passengers, but not pick up any. Do not be surprised if you see buses stop and the drivers don't allow you in.
    The lines enabling you to go from Nice center to the airport using this bus stop (or the other way around) are only:

    • 52, 59, 70 (and 99, 98, 23, see above)

From or to Terminal 2 take the free shuttle comuting between the terminals at the airport bus station and get off at Terminal 1 to make the connection.

To get all the information on schedules and available tickets see the Lignes d'Azur website. This is the city's bus company.

The airport will in 2018 be connected to the streetcar network.

Car rental

All car rentals are available at Nice airport. You'll find their desks in the two terminals. An extra tax applies to all rentals taken in the airport. (The money goes to the airport managers.) If you have time and want to save money on your rental take a bus and rent your car downtown.

By train


Terminal (1) - Gare SNCF St Augustin (T)

The SNCF train station Nice St Augustin (T) is a 10-15mn walk from the airport Terminal 1. Many local trains stop there, going from Cannes to Vintimille along the coast and stopping in Nice Ville.

Beware, though, as stated above trains in the area are not reliable. Delays, cancellations, stikes... If you choose trains to go take your plane  make sure that the train is not cancelled and that it is not late.

By bike

A vélo bleu station where you can rent a bike is located just in front of Terminal 1, next to the bus stop along the seashore road. (Southern side, no need to cross the street.) A bicycle path goes from there to the city center (jardin Albert 1er, 7km away). It's completely flat and you'll ride along the sea all way long. Wonderful. How can you rent a bike

With a taxi

They are expecting you just in front of each terminal.

By helicopter

Several companies link the airport to Cannes, St Tropez and Monaco. To contact them.

With your own plane

The Nice airport is meant for airlines. Landing and parking taxes are high enough to prevent you from staying there. The only jets on the ramp belong to billionnaires or arab emirs. Also there is no longer any 100LL on sale. If you come to the Riviera with a private aircraft, go to Cannes Mandelieu (LFMD). This is the only local general aviation airport.


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