Every year, an "Iron man" triathlon takes place in Nice. It'll happen on June the 28th in 2015. The running will be entirely on the Promenade des Anglais so that the runners will get more support and the supporters will be able to see the runners pass several times.

3,8 km swimming, 185km cycling with 1800m of climb and then a marathon (42km). In 2014 the winner completed the race in 8h33. You can admire the effort, the suffering and the training needed for such a performance, or ask questions : is it possible to realize this without drug, no matter how well you're trained?

Never mind. All the positions for the 2015 race were already sold out in February.

The Nice triathlon, will occur on october the 4th. It's an Olympic race. 1,5km in the water, 40km on the bike and then 10km running.

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