Last update : December the 7th, 2021.

We give you here news about the French and local regulations to enable you to decide whether it's worth planning a trip here soon, and will try to update this article regularly.

The sanitary situation is again deteriorating in France because of the delta variant, which is more contagious. The vaccines used in France are efficient as well against this variant. 90% of the adult population in mainland France had 2 injections of a vaccine.

The local regulations regarding the face masks change on an almost daily basis. Find out whether you must wear them outdoor where you are.

No more curfew in France. All shops, museums, theaters... are open. But discotheques are closed until the beginning of 2022.

You must have a sanitary pass to enter museums, movie theaters, music festivals, bars and restaurants, discotheques... You can get this pass if you had 2 injections of a vaccine against the Covid more than 7 or 10 days before, or a negative PCR test. In this case the pass is valid 24 hours only. You need this pass to enter a movie theater, too, if the theater hosts more than 50 people in the room.

Soon a third, booster injection made between 5 and 7 monthes after the second one will be requested for people over 18 to have the sanitary pass. Dispensations exist for people who had the Covid recently.

You must wear a face mask in all indoor public spaces : shops, museums, commercial malls, theaters, public transports, churches, restaurants and bars (any time you're not seated), administrations, post offices... We remind you that the mask must cover the chin, the mouth and the nose to be efficient.

In some places where the sanitary pass is requested, face masks are not mandatory any longer (people being protected against the disease or not able to contaminate other people).

You probably don't need a mask any longer outdoor, if you're not in a large crowd, or on a market, or near a school, or in specific areas such as pedestrianized streets (there are local restriction in the Maritim Alps, so check and wear your mask if everyones does it around you.). 

Coming from a foreign country.

Cross borders travels are allowed depending on where you come from. Controls are made. We advise you to check the regulation on the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This page is available is several foreign languages, including German, Russian, Chinese...

Foreign tourists coming from outside the European Union are allowed to enter France. But they must have a negative COVID test. The result of the test is valid for 48 hours if they are fully vaccinated, or 24 hours if they are not or uncompletely vaccinated.

With the surge of the Omicron variant rules may change any time so see the details and the updated rules for each country on this official website.


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