# 1

cadran solaire

This old sundial is in the Cimiez Franciscan monastery's garden. It hangs on the southern wall of the buiding.

To see it you must enter the garden, which is free when it is open.

There are other sundials in this monastery. Find them. There is also an other one (a steel one) in the Cimiez Arena park, next to this garden.

# 2

This sundial is much larger. It lays on the ground of the southern sidewalk, quai Roba Capeu. Here you (or your children - they'll love it) will have to bethe gnomon. It is your shadow (or their) which will give you the time.

cadran de roba capeu

# 3

This is a corner of the main high school in Nice. There is a sundial at the bottom of the tower, between the bushes. It faces the Promenade du Paillon.

cadran lycée Masséna



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