The large red building is visible from far away. It's a 17th century genovese house located next to the Cimiez Park which is a nice place to have a walk. Matisse never lived here, although he lived in Nice for several years. One immediately notices the multiple windows. When you get closer, you become aware that many of them are trompe l'oeil.

Unfortunately, this is also true for the museum collection. We were disappointed. A few interesting artworks, but one is not impressed by the richness of the collection. The major artworks are elsewhere.

Nonetheless, the museum houses a retrospective dealing with Matisse's life with pictures, belongings and several artworks from different periods of his artistic work and with different styles.

It is fairly easy to park around the museum if you're ready to walk a few minutes. On-street parking is free in the area.

Musée Matisse, 164 av des arènes de Cimiez.
Open from 10am to 6pm, every day but on tuesdays, New Year's day, Easter, 1st of May and Christmas.

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