This article deals with the buses and the streetcars in Nice.

If you want information about the buses in the region, use this link.

The Nice public transportation service company is "Lignes d'Azur".

New in 2019

The second streetcar line is now completely open et goes from the port to the airport and the administrative center. There is no extra charge to go to the airport and you can use any valid bus ticket to do it.

BEWARE if you use this streetcar to go to the airport. Check the final station of the streetcar you get in and make sure it goes to the airport. Otherwise you will end up in the administratif center and you might miss your plane.

The streetcar line 3 is open from the airport to St Isidore via the Stadium Allianz Riviera.

The streetcar line 1 still goes from Nice North (Las Planas -Sappia) to the Pasteur Hospital in Nice East.

In the beginning of september, the bus network has undergone major changes. 

The rates

Before we detail the rates, here are the main ones:

  • On trip ticket (SOLO) = 1,50€
    sold in the bus, by the automatic machines and at the Lignes d'Azur desks.
  • 10 trips tickets (MULTI) = 10€
    sold by the automatic machines and at the Lignes d'Azur desks. this ticket can be used by several passengers at  the same time. You datestamp it once by passenger when you board the first bus, then once after each connection.
    BEWARE the ticket is a paper one. If you fold it or it gets wet and you can't use it any longer, there will be no refund.

A trip allows you to make one connection within 74mn after the first date stamping provided this doesn't make your trip a round one.

There are several special rates:

  • aero ticket = 6€
    enables you to use the 98 and 99 direct lines to or from the airport. It is sold by the automatic machines and at the company desks.
  • the Parcazur return ticket = 3€
    enables you, besides the round trip, to park your car for free in one of the  5 parkings relais auto-tram "Parc-Azur"  provided that you remove it before the closing time. Sold by the automatic machines in the "Parcazurs" only.
  • the 1 day pass = 5€
    as many trips as you want for the next 24 hours after the first date stamping. You cannot use the 98 and 99 lines, though. It is sold in the buses, by the automatic machines and at the company's desks.
  • the 7 days pass = 15€
    as many trips during the 7 days after the purchase. Sold by the automatic machines and at the company's desks.
  • the Ticket Azur = 1,50€
    entitles you to one trip on the Nice transportation service and a connection in a conseil general bus going to some other cities in the Alpes Maritimes (100, 200, 300, 400, 500...). Unfortunately this ticket is sold only by the companys' desks.

Note : only the AERO ticket enables you to use the 98 and 99 direct lines to the airport. (See next page)

If you stay in Nice several weeks it may be worth buying yourself a bus card. It costs 7,80€ and then you can buy electronic tickets and depending on your situation get a few discounts. Go to a Ligne d'Azur office with all necessary documents.

If you're interested in using buses to go to other places in the Alpes Maritimes read this article : By bus - 06

You can download the pdf chart of the bus and streetcar network (8MB). You can get a paper copy at the lignes d'azur offices.

Please note :

  • the 98 and 99 lines have a special fare and can be used only with the AERO ticket.
  • the 94 line goes to Vence and is not meant for passengers who want to travel within Nice. In the Nice-Vence direction you can board the bus anywhere but you won't be allowed to get off in Nice. (First get off stop at the "Passerelle", in St laurent du Var.) In the other direction the driver will not let anyone board the bus when it is in Nice, after the Var River. DO NOT USE THE 94 buses to go to the airport if you come from Nice. It stops in front of the terminal 1 but you won't be allowed to get off. See here what you have to do to go to the airport. use the lines 52, 59, 70, 23 or the special lines 98 et 99.
    The rules about line 94 are also valid for the Conseil General bus lines : 200 to Cannes, 400 to Vence and 500 to Grasse.



lignes d'azurYou'll find the lines timetables in the Lignes d'Azur offices or on their website.

 You can also use this free app, available for Iphone or Androïd. It claims to be able to produce itineraries but they often are very weird. It works well, however, to give you the timetables, in spite of a user-unfriendly interface.

Here is the official Lignes d'azur website.


One phone number to get in touch with Lignes d'Azur : 0810 06 10 06.

There are only 3 Lignes d'Azur offices in Nice and they are often overcrowded. Ask when you enter them where you have to queue. The desks have specific purposes. Some are manned by Lignes d'azur emplyees, others by Conseil Générl ones, others still by "Vélo bleu" ou "Auto bleue" employees (in the Thiers office only). If you wait in front of the wrong desk you'll have to queue again from the beginning.

  • Notre Dame
    1 rue d'Italie
    Open monday to friday, 7:30am to 7pm and on saturdays 9:30am to 6pm. Closed on sundays and on public holidays.
    "Jean Médecin" streetcar stop.
  • Jean Jaurès
    4 bvd Jean Jaurès
    Open mondays to fridays, from 8 am to 7pm. Closed on saturdays, sundays and on public holidays.
    streetcar :  "Garibaldi" or "Cathédrale Vieille-Ville"
  • Thiers
    17 av. Thiers
    Open mondays to fridays, 8am to 7pm and on saturdays from 8:30am to 3pm. Closed on sundays and on public holidays.
    streetcar : "Thiers"

Many sales outlets also sell some tickets.

There is a bus transportation service for handicapped people who cannot use regular buses. It's called Mobil'Azur. Trips are made from adress to adress, with a booking. The cost of a trip is 1.50€ (in 2016).

You must first prove that you're entitled to use this service. You are entitled automatically if you're in a wheel chair or if you're blind. In other cases, you must put together a written case which will be submitted to a medical commission (they meet once a month). It will decide whether or not you can benefit from Mobil'Azur.

If you're blind or in a wheel chair, you may benefit from it even if you're only temporarily in Nice and don't live there.

When your right has been established, to get a transport you call 0805 20 06 06 (toll free number from a french land line) to book it.

More details on the Mobil'Azur website, or by calling the (+33) 4 93 54 58 18.

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