vélo bleu 

Vélo bleu (blue bikes) enables you to rent a bike, pick it up from, and return it to any one of the 180 stations. You can subscribe for one day, one week or a month. The system is far from perfect but it exists and is really handy. There are almost 1800 bicycles to rent.


The price of the subscription depends on its duration.

  • one day  = 1€
  • one week = 5€
  • one month = 10€
  • one year = 25 € (10€ discount if you also have an annual bus subscription.)

Then the price of each rental depends on its duration.

  • The first half an hour is free.
  • The next one costs 1€.
  • Then, each hour (even partially used) costs 2€.

If you don't keep the bike too long, you really can use this service for free, apart from the initial subscription. All you have to do is make short hops, less than 30mn long. Note that you may not keep a bike longer than 24 hours. Beyond this limit the bike is considered lost or stolen and a fine will be taken from you credit card.

How to subscribe?

It depends on how long you want to subscribe

  • for a day or a week
    You will need a credit card to pay and a cell phone to hire the bikes.
    You can
    • subscribe right now online. Beware, the subscription starts immediately.
    • subscribe from a velo bleu station.
      Turn the station on. Choose your language. With the cell phone you'll use to rent the bikes call the  04 30 00 30 01. This is a secure number. Give your credit card numbers. On the station choose "I subscribe" and follow the instructions.
  • for a month or a year
    Note that you will receive by mail an identification card which will enable you to rent the bikes without your cell phone. the subscription will start the day when you rent your first bike.
    You can
    • do as for a one day or a one week subscription (see above) and you'll be able to rent a bike immediately with your cell phone.
    • subscribe by mail.
      Download the form (pdf) and fill it. Send it with your bank account identification and a check to pay the subscription to
      Vélo Bleu
      BP 105
      06102 Nice CEDEX
      Expect a week before you can rent a bike for the first time with your cell phone.

The good news : you can hire and return the bikes in Nice, but also in St Laurent du Var et Cagnes sur Mer. You will find there velo bleu stations too. There is only one subscription and it enables you to use the bikes in the three cities. No extension needed.

You can rent up to 5 bikes with one account only. To do it, you have to subscribe as many times as needed with the same account. You can do it using this link or from the terminals, in the "information" menu. An authorisation for a 150 euros guarantee will be requested for each subscription.

At the velo bleu desk - only in front of the main train station

17 avenue Thiers.
No need to go there to subscribe. The desk clerks cannot activate your account from there.


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