FM radios

All FM radios in Nice.

There is only one english speaking radio on the French Riviera, broadcasting from Monaco : Riviera Radio 106.5

All the other radios are in French only. They are sorted by categories and by alphabetical order.

Radio France

Radio France is the public radio service.

  • France Inter 100.2 (the most listened to radio in France)
  • France Info 105.7 (news H24)
  • France Culture 101.9
  • France Musique 92.2 (mainly classical music)
  • France Bleue Côte d'Azur 103.8 (local program)
  • Mouv' 101.0

News + general radios

  • BFM 101.4 (news H24, business and finance oriented)
  • Europe 1 101.4
  • RMC 98.8
  • RTL 97.4

Music - national networks

  • Classique 102.7 (classical music)
  • Chérie FM 95.8
  • Fun 95.0
  • Kiss FM 90.9
  • M FM 90.3
  • Nostalgie 93.5
  • NRJ 99.2
  • Rires et Chansons 87.7
  • RTL 2 92.8
  • Skyrock 107.0
  • TSF Jazz 98.1
  • Virgin Radio 88.1

Local radios

  • Autoroute FM 107.7 (music + traffic on the highways)
  • Agora 94.1
  • Cannes radio 91.3
  • Emotion 105.3
  • Fréquence K 103.4
  • Monaco radio 95.4
  • Nice radio 102.3
  • RCN Radio Chalom Nitsan 89.3
  • RCF Nice 96.6
  • Riviera 106.5 (in English)
  • Star radio 92.4

Digital radios

In Nice you can also listen to radios using a digital device. Here is a list of radios available using a digital broadcasting (DAB)

Agora FM
Alta Frequenza
Beur FM
BZD Radio
Cannes Radio
Clin d'Oeil FM
Crooner Radio
Fréquence K
Fréquence Mistral 
Grimaldi FM
Jazz Radio
Kiss FM
M Radio
MC Doualya
Medi 1
Nice Radio
Ouï FM
Pop Up
Radio 105
Radio Chalom Nitsan
Radio Emotion
Radio Ethic
Radio FG
Radio Lengad'Oc
Radio Maria
Radio Monaco
Radio Monte Carlo (RMC1)
Radio Monte Carlo 2 (RMC2)
Radio Nova
Radio Oxygène
Radio Orient
Radio Pitchoun
Radio Rivièra
Radio Star
Radio Tèr
Raje Nice
RCF Nice
Sud Radio
TSF Jazz
Urban Hit

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