Photo OCA

The Nice observatory is not limited to the domes overlooking the city. It also includes the Calern Plateau facilities. They are located inland, in Caussols.

They are still used to observe the sky and make research, laser telemetry, interferometry and other astrophysics experiences.

They can be visited on sundays at 3:15pm from May to September. Give a call ahead to be sure. The visit is more "specialized" than the visit of the Nice observatory and will please all astronomy passionnates. This is not a classical observatory. To see the image of the Calern's webcam.

Rates : Adults 6 €, children and students 3 €

The visit is mainly outdoor. Be sure to have a hat, sun protection, water, but also warm clothes because the site is 1200m high and it can be cold. It offers a wide view on the "backland".

To get more information  : +33 4 93 40 54 42 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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