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Gourdon is a small village 15 km from Grasse. At almost 700m high, on a natural balcony at the end of the Gorges du Loup it offers an exceptionnal view on these gorges, the Cannes backland, the coast from Nice to the Gulf of St Tropez, including the Cape of Antibes, the Lerins Islands and the Esterel. You will benefit from it on the Victoria square.

Park your car at the entrance of the village on the parking lot and then walk in the little streets of the village. There are no real monuments but it's a quiet and rather pretty nested village.


In Gourdon there is an unusual walk to have. You can descend with a path until the aqueduct of the Foulon, 150m below. From there, if you turn left you will walk along the aqueduct et go through a serie of tunnels, some of them fairly long. It's wise to bring flash lights. In these tunnels, the temperature is cool even in summer. Along the water, the path is almost flat. You will thus walk along the Gorges du Loup with a terrific view on them. The drawback of this walk is that there is no real end. When you've had enough, you simply make a U turn and go back the same way. You end climbing back to the village.

Visiting Gourdon may be an opportunity to make a loop with your car in the Gorges du Loup.

The Loup is one of the rivers which you can descend at least partially with a boat. See this article about canyoning. In Gourdon, you can also paraglide.

There are but a few rooms to rent in Gourdon. Prices and availability.

The village web site.

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