Many sites enable para gliders to fly. No need to tell you not to take off from a site if you don't know its aerology and to make sure you have the latest wx forecasts. A smart thing to do is to contact local pilots.

For a discovery flight with a 2 seats wing contact the clubs.

Here are, according to us, the most scenic sites. For a comprehensive list see the Fédération de vol libre website.

  • La Colmiane
    Here you are surrounded by summits topping 10000ft. Beware the airspace. Airliners approaching Nice fly overhead and several airporx have been filed by the pilots.  FFVL
  • Gréolières
    Take off from the Cheiron summit, at 6000ft. Flights will enable you to enjoy a brathtaking, 360° panorama on the Coest and the mountains.
  • Gourdon
    Here you start lower than in Greolières (3500ft). Same kind of panorama, espcially Southward. It is faster to go there from the coast. FFVL
  • Roquebrune
    This exceptionnal site enables flights just beside Monaco, from the Mt Gros, at 2300ft. Landing on the beach. Strict regulations to avoid accidents, especially on landing.

Besides, let's add Sospel, Thorenc and Auron.

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