In the Maritime Alps it is complicated to fly. The airspace is strictly regulated. There are few airfields. Add the Mercantour national park with its limitation of a minimum 3300ft AGL height with summits often topping 7000ft, you get minimum altitudes beyond many light aircraft possibilities.

It is however possible to make a discovery flight from Cannes mandelieu. Contact the aeroclubs or one of the FBO on the airport. You can for exemple fly along the coast, around the Lerins island... Discovery flights are regulated in France and may not exceed 30mn. Beyond that, it's a transport flight which aeroclub are not allowed to do. Contact then the FBOs.


There is only one general aviation airfield : Cannes Mandelieu. The Nice airport prevents light aircraft from coming with excruciating landing taxes.

There are three altisurfaces which only pilots with the corresponding site rating or the mountain rating can use : Valberg, Isola, Cipieres.

There is an airfield for microlights in Frejus, but that's out of the Maritime Alps. They may not land in Cannes. If the pilot and the aircraft can, they may use Cipieres. Apart from that, not a single place to land in the departement for microlights.


The situation is simple : there is nothing for them. Gliders are not welcome because of the heavy traffic of the Nice airport. The closest gliders' base is Fayence, in the Var departement. Cannes is forbidden.


The situation is much better and there are several places to fly. Follow this link: paragliding.

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