Once again, this is a selection, not a comprehensive list. See the first page of this article to find links towards other hikes on the Seaside.

For these ones, you won't need a chart.

  1. The loop around the Cape Ferrat
    There is a path wich enables one to walk around the Cape Ferrat. It's a very nice walk, easy on the Eastern side, all little steeper West. Beware the sun and don't go there if the wind blows too much or the Sea is too agitated. You can also walk around the Cap Martin . According to us, if you have to choose, rather choose the cape ferrat. The views are more varied and more interesting. 
  2. The Sea Path of Cap d'Ail
    It looks like the loop around the Cape Martin. You walk under beautiful villas, just above the Sea. It's an easy walk, not a hike. Beware the sun and strong winds.

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