Once more a selection, not a comprehnsive list. See the first page to find links towards other hikings in the back country.

These hikings can be done in half a day. You'll not go as high as in the high mountains, so that they will be void of snow sooner in Spring.

  1. Pic de Courmette
    The start is in Tourette sur Loup. The bravest will start from the village and will climb around 800m on a trail. (The top is at 1250m) the others will use their car on the first part until the "Domaine de Courmettes". Then they will have around 300m to climb. The end is fairly steep but you will never need your hands.
    From the top you will enjoy an extraodinary panoramic view on the Coast, from Nice to the Esterel, West of Cannes. On the West there are the Gorges of the Loup river. North, it's the Cheiron mountain and also the Mercantour summits. 1/25000 map : IGN 3643ET Cannes, Grasse
  2. Baou de St Jeannet

    It looks like the prow of a huge rock vessel. The top is at around 800m high. The start is in the St Jeannet village, at the foot of the baou. From the top, view on the Coast from Nice to the Esterel, the Mercantour summit in the North, but no gorges here, unlike the Pic of Courmette. The trail is easy to find in the village with signs all along. If you want a map it's this one : IGN 3643ET Cannes, Grasse
  3. The real Route Napoléon
    If you like History, walk in the Emperor's footsteps on his way back to seize power without shooting a single bullet after his return from the Island of Elbe, on one of the last part still intact of the real itinerary he used. (St Vallier de Thiey). Don't go for the view though. There is much better elsewhere in our region.

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