These are the 3 roads going from Nice to Menton and the Italian border. All of them are worth your touring, offering very different points of view on the coast, which is very steep between Nice and Italy.

They are distinct when you leave Nice. The Medium and Low Corniches first meet a little after Monaco Monte-Carlo, then they are met by the High Corniche just before the Cape Martin.

If, on the contrary you leave Menton, there is but one road first. Then the High Corniche starts on your right. If you go further on the Low Corniche, a little further starts the Medium Corniche on your right.

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The Low Corniche

It's the closest from the Sea. The most urbanized, too. You will almost never leave the city from one end to the other.

When leaving Nice you'll find Villefranche sur Mer, Beaulieu sur MerEze (not the old village, Eze sea side), Cap d'Ail, Monaco Monte-CarloRoquebrune Cap Martin and finally Menton before you reach the former border post. It will also enable you to go to the Cape Ferrat and the Cape Martin.

If you ride a bicycle, do not imagine that it is flat all along. It tops 100m in Villefranche, then descends to the Sea level, climbs again in Cap d'Ail and once more in Monaco. Owing to the traffic it is not very nice to ride there.

If you enjoyed the "Persuaders" you'll maybe recognize, on the outskirt of Beaulieu and before you get to Eze (Eastward), the road where a car chase was shot for the first episode and was then used for the credits.

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