Le Col d'Eze (Eze's pass)

It is located on the High Corniche. You'll get there easily from Eze-Village via a steep road. At the High Corniche crossroad you're 500m (1600ft) high. Make a right and a few hundreds of meters further pull over to enjoy the sightseeing. You won't regret not to have been ripped off to see the village castle's one.

Since you're there, go the Revere fort, 700m (2300ft) high. From there you'll have an incredible panorama*** not only towards the sea, but also the mountains. (Go ahead in front of you at the High Corniche crossroad when  you come from the village.) If you don't want to climb that far you can also make a left on the High Corniche towards Nice and pull over a little further when you see the Mountains on your right, close to the hôtel. But it won't be as good.

There is a departemental natural park nearby, with a trail where you can run among the pines. The road (an old roman road) starts next to the Hermitage du Col d'Eze hotel. Go 1km further to find the parking lot.

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