It's a nice village, 25km from Nice and it is enjoyable to wander in its streets. It is also famous for its music studio (see below).

To go there use the Penetrante du Paillon until the Contes fork, then head towards l'Escarène. At the Nice pass, make a left.


The recording studio

Rock fans may know that a music studio was located in Berre, where world famous albums were recorded. "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, "Jazz" by Queen. Paul Mac Cartney (Tug of war), Kate Bush and Elton John (21 at 33), Ringo Starr, the Alan Parson Project also worked here.

The name of the studio was "Super Bear". It's a pun, based on the name of the village, which in French sounds like "bear". It was destroyed in 1986 during the large fires which ravaged the place. The ruins have been renovated and became a Bed and Breakfast before they ended as a simple private house.

Villa St Benoit (ex "Super Bear")
61 chemin de la Roche d'Argent
Berre les Alpes.

On the same topic the Rolling Stones recorded "Exile on main Street" in Villefranche sur Mer.

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