The city is world famous because of the Cannes film festival. There are other important events :

  • the MIDEM, a Music business event (June 5 - 8 2015)
  • the MIP TV, a TV distribution and content event (April 4 - 7 2016)

If we mention these events that's because they attract visitors from all over the world and therefore it is much more difficult to find  accomodation in Cannes then.

There are several very famous hotels in Cannes. The Carlton, the Majestic, the Palm Beach.

To book your room in Cannes or simply get an idea of the rates and the availabilities when you come, use this searching tool. It includes customers opinions to help you make your choice.

To find lower rates also search other cities such as le Cannet which is not along the sea but is next to Cannes (North of it)

During importants events such as the film festival, do not hesitate to stay rather in Nice or Antibes and simply come and spend a day in Cannes. It will be much easier to find a room and the rates will be lower.

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