If you like riding a bicycle you will love the Maritim Alps. Wonderful landscapes, great passes for all levels, moutain bike trails...

To see races or compare yourself to champions read Paris - Nice. In 2020, the first two stages of the Tour de France will take place here. A great opportunity to walk in the professionnal racers footsteps : the "Etape du Tour" open to all cyclists fit enought to do it will follow this year the itinerary of the second stage, from Nice to Nice, exactly one week after the race itself.

For bicycling there are two 1/100,000 maps covering almost the whole departement (but the Bonette pass, too North) :  Michelin 115 et IGN 165. The scale is perfect if you ride on roads. You can order them here. They won't do for mountain bike. In this case you'd better use the 1/25,000 maps designed for hikers by the IGN. You will find them with the same link.

The Maritim Alps however raise a big issue to riders. If you want to go in the Tinée valley or ride upstream the Var beyond its confluence with the Tinée, you will pass in the Chaudan gorges which are almost all way long one way only, upstream. The return is made using a one way road, too. It passes in 2 tunnels and then goes along the river bed. Unfortunately, with two lanes  it encourages cars and trucks to drive too fast. It's especially true downstream since the itinerary, upstream, goes in the more winding gorges. For more than 8km you will ride along with vehicles which will pass you too fast, and too close. It's really very dangerous and unpleasant. The worst part is that alternates involve **huge** detours with much climbing : through Valdeblore and the Vésubie valley, or via Puget Théniers, Ascrot, Toudon.

Carefully plan your itineraries before you set off in the Var or Tinée valley.

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