Cagnes is a seaside resort without much architectural interest. Its center is often jammed with traffic.


There are two train stations in the city. Cagnes sur mer where most (but not all) the trains stop, and Cros de cagnes, East, where only trains stopping everywhere do it here.

Note that to go from Nice to Cagnes or the other way, the highway has a toll. But if you go from Antibes to Cagnes you will pay the same price as if you went from Antibes to Nice. There is no small benefit for the ESCOTA, in charge of the A8 highway.

In Cagnes you can use Vélo bleu (the blue bikes) as in Nice and without any supplement to pay. A bicycle path was built along the Sea, but on the sidewalk. It is not convenient because it is jammed with obstacles and the speed limit is 15km/h. Local policemen give fines to cyclists riding too fast. You can therefore take your children with you. But to ride faster, you'll have to ride with the cars.

If you want to stay in Cagnes, use this link to find an accomodation or at least get an idea of the prices. There are several campings in Cagnes. We cannot recommand any of them because we don't have any information. Let us know of your experiences if you use them.

Use this other link to read the events calendar of the Tourists' office and know what is planned when you are there.

Among the places in the city let's mention :

  • the old town surrounding the castle on its hill. The castle is more impressive from far away than from inside. Visiting it is, in our opinion, desappointing. It was modernized several times and lost its middle age and historical characteristics in the process. The old town is not the most charming one you'll visit in the area.
  • the Renoir museum. Do not expect a large collection of the impressionnist Master's paintings. It isn't there. This is a house where Renoir spent the 12 last years of his life. The museum will therefore please those who are interested in the painter himself and will disappoint those who want to see his paintings.
  • the hippodrome, one of the largest in France will maybe provide you with an opportunity to watch horse races.

As to the beach, it's pebbles.

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