The main line follows the coast. It comes from Marseilles through Cannes, Nice and Menton and continues towards Vintimiglia in Italy.

Two connections on this line. One in Cannes towards Grasse. The other in Nice towards the Roya valley, Tende and Cuneo in Italy.

In our region trains don't work well. Delays, strikes, cancellations... much too often. Check your train status on the SNCF website.

Apart from these SNCF lines there is also a line starting in Nice, going up the Var valley until Puget Theniers before continuing towards Annot, Barreme and Digne. That's the Chemins de fer de Provence line (Provence railways), also called "Train des Pignes".

To see these lines on a map.


Cannes - Antibes - Nice - Monaco - Menton - Vintimille

This line goes along the sea. Many trains stop at all stations, in every city or village. There are many trains on this line. Download the schedules here.

Beware : local tickets don't allow you to board TGV or some trains where booking is mandatory. Many trains stop at each stations, in each city. (The list is on the schedules) There are even 3 stations in Nice.

Trains are really a good and fast way to move around (when they work), avoiding the many traffic jams. Expect 25 to 40mn from Nice to Cannes, 20mn from Nice to Monaco. Unfortunately, it is fairly expensive, much more than the buses.

BEWARE : due to track work there is no train between Antibes and Nice at night after 10:20pm between february the 2nd and july the 2nd in 2016.


Cannes - Grasse

This line is served by trains coming from Nice most of the time. It means that it is possible to go from Nice to Grasse with no connection needed. To get the schedules, use the link above.


Nice - Sospel - Vallée de la Roya - Tende

The line is scenic and uses many tunnels and viaducts to find its way between the hills and mountains. There are only a few trains a day. It's a excellent way to go to Sospel and avoid the moutains roads and the passes.

Download the schedules here.

In summer, the train des Merveilles (train of marvels) enables you to do a return trip to Tende in one day for 15€ per adult, half price for children.

This line will enable you to reach the Vallée des Merveilles (valley of wonders) but not directly. You'll have to walk quite a fairly long time.

It's a good way to go to Sospel, Saorge or la Brigue to visit Notre Dame des Fontaines.

Nice - Puget Théniers - Entrevaux - Barrême - Digne

This line belongs to the Provence Railways - Chemins de Fer de Provence, not to the SNCF. It has a distinct station in Nice and there are no connections with the other lines. It first follows the Var river before continuing towards Digne. The journey is picturesque, but not fast. You can use it to go to Entrevaux, a middle age city with its walls built by Vauban and a scenic fortress hanging on the cliff. Unfortunately for us, Entrevaux is not in the Maritim Alps.

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