rade de villefranche

Villefranche lies in a spectacular place with its deep bay which is actually a natural harbour for large cruisers which lie at anchor in the center.

The town is a former military harbour. Vauban designed fortifications still exist. The old town is picturesque with its stairway streets, its dark streets (rue Obscure) under the houses. There is also a little chapell which was decorated by Jean Cocteau (the chapell has not an outstanding interest). It is located at the bottom of the Sadi carnot avenue, the last building on the right hand before the water on the road to the beach.

This is a natural sand beach, which is quite uncommon on this part of the coast. You see it clearly on the picture below, in the upper right quadrant.

Other curiosity, the "Nellcote" villa., rented by Keith Richards and where the Rolling Stones recorded their "Exile on Main street" album in 1972. This house was also used as a HQ by the gestapo during WWII. It is located 10 avenue Alice Bordes. Follow the street along the beach and thake the stairs along the railway. It is hidden behind large walls and gates and you won't see much. Do not disturb the residents. That's not the Stones any longer.

If you like the Rock'n roll history, there is an other famous recording studio in Berre les Alpes.

To park in Villefranche is both difficult and expensive. The few parking spaces along the beach can be used only if you pay a fee. In Villefranche the Low Corniche has its highest point and to go to the beach or the old city you will have to go in front of you but slightly on the right (if you come from Nice) in the main crossroad, at the traffic lights (avenue Sadi Carnot). If you completely make a right you'll find yourself West of the fort, near the harbour.

The best way to go to Villefranche is to take the bus. (Lines 81 or 100).
The train is also a good way to go to the beach or the old city, but a little more expensive. The train station is 40m above the beach, with stairs going down there. If you come from Nice-Ville choose the local trains towards Vintimiglia, those stopping everywhere. Villefranche will be the 2nd stop, just after Nice Riquier.

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