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A simple chapel, built on an ancient trail linking la Brigue to Liguria to thank the Virgin when a dried up spring gave water again.

What makes it so special are the 15th centuries frescos covering all its walls. Two painters, Jean Baleison (choir) et Jean Canavesio (nave) turned it into a "alpin Sixtine".

You can visit it (4€/ adult). It is open from April the 15th to Oct. the 15th every day but on tuesday pm and thursday pm. 10am-12:30pm and 2pm-5:30pm. Guided tour are possible for at least 4 people. 6€/person. In winter you can visit it with reservation only. Reservations are also mandatory for groups.

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Tel : +33 4 93 79 09 34

The chapel is 4 km away from La Brigue village, in the Roya valley. Do not miss it if you're in the valley. From the "la Brigue" train station located on the Nice - Tende - Cuneo line it's a 5km, 1 hour easy walk.

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