The only part of the real itinerary which has not changed at all is between St Vallier de Thiey and Escragnolles. Expect a 2 hours walk uphill. At the start, the trail has been covered with asphalt. But then, you will find the original pavement. here, you are litterally on the footsteps of the soldiers, the "little Corporal" heading them. At the end of the walk, you'll get to a chapel which was already there when the troops passed along in a place named "la Colette". You will there join the N85 road, the official  but not historical Route Napoléon, just before Escragnolles.

From St Vallier, you can use your car on the asphalted part of the itinerary. The walk is then one hour long (each way) only instead of two.

To find the start if you come from Nice or Grasse, pass through the village. A little before the exit, in front of the large meadow on your right hand is a little road (chemin de la Siagne) on the left. (There is also a bowls playground). That's where you have to go. A not too visible sign says "Chemin de Napoléon".

Apart from its historical interest, this walk is not the most beautiful you can do in the area. Landscapes are nice, but the views are usually fairly limited. You will walk along a river (the Siagne), among olive trees... If, on the contrary, you like history or are a Napoléon admirer, then this will be for you a pilgrimage full of emotion.

The one hour itinerary is marked with a dotted line here.



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