Stage 2
Nice - Haut Pays - Nice

Second stage with a departure and a finish lines in Nice, on August the 30th. 191km this time and more than 3600m of elevation.

Map of the 2nd stage.

Same departure line as the day before. Heading towards la Promenade des Anglais. The race will backtrack the itinerary of the previous day in the Var river valley, until the Manda Bridge. Then the race will go on towards the Carros industrial zone. Then the gorge of Chaudan and the Tinée valley. La Colmiane, first pass (1500m, 16,3km at 6%) before going down towards the Vésubie river, which the race will follow until la Bollène Vésubie. Up again towards the Turini pass (1600m, 15km at 7%), Then back to Nice via Peira Cava and l'Escarène.

In Nice, along the Paillon river, and up again on the Grande Corniche until the Col d'Eze (500m, 7,8km at 7%). Down towards the Moyenne Corniche and Eze village via the Tennis road, and then the port of Nice and the Quai des Etats Unis. First crossing of the finish line before going again to the Grande Corniche until the col des 4 chemins. There, down to the Moyenne Corniche, the port and the finish line. On the second time the Col des 4 chemins will be climbed, 8, 5 and 2 seconds bonuses will be awarded to the three first racers.


Where to go to see the race?

Apart from the 2 main passes (Colmiane and Turini), a good place to see the race is on the beginning of the Grande Corniche, (Boulevard Bischoffsheim). There, the slope is steep, and you will see the race two times. Walk up the road on 1 or 2 kilometers to enjoy the beautiful view on Nice while you wait for the race. It's probably there that the fate of the stage and the yellow jersey will be decided.

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