Stage 1
Nice - Moyen pays - Nice

This stage (170km) will include 3 loops, with a departure and a finish line in Nice, on the 29th of August. If you choose your place well, you will see the racers 3 times.

See the map of the 1st stage.

  • The first loop (50km) will be ridden 2 times. Riders will reach Aspremont via the boulevard de Carabacel, the boulevard of Cimiez, l'Aire St Michel and eventually the route de Nice. From Aspremont, the race will go down to the M6202 via Castagniers. They will cross the river on the Manda bridge to ride the M6202 bis. Back to Nice, then. Promenade des Anglais, port and the loop starts again from the boulevard Carabacel. The loop includes more than 600m of elevation.
  • The last loop (70km) will be similar to the first two loops until Aspremont. But there the riders, instead of going down to Castagniers, will turn right towards Tourrette-Levens. Then towards Levens and down again towards the Var river via la Roquette sur Var and St Martrin du Var. Total elevation around 900m. The final 25km section, almost completely flat, should enable sprinters who managed to get along with the climbs to give a final explanation on the Promenade des Anglais to win the stage and the first yellow jersey.

Therefore from the Bvd Carabacel until Aspremont you will see the race 3 times. Same thing on the M6202 bis, Bvd des Alpes in Nice and along the Promenade des Anglais.

You will see it 2 times if you are Quai des Etats Unis or on the Castle hill side of the port, or between Aspremont and the M6202.

You will see it one time only between the departure line (Albert 1er garden) and the Tête au carré.


Where to go to see the race ?

Choose to be between the boulevard of Cimiez and Aspremont to see the race climbing 3 times. One of the steepest parts is just before the Arenes de Cimiez, along the garden to the Queen Victoria, at the top of the boulevard of Cimiez and just before the crossraod with the avenue des Arènes de Cimiez. It's not very long, around 150m.

Other possibility, the climb avenue de Rimiez, 1.5km after the St George hospital, especially 500m after the hairpin bend.

Last "steep" part on the road to Aspremont, just after the descent from the Aire St Michel, after the crossroad between avenue de Gairaut and avenue Jules Romain. It is only a few hundred meters long. The road to Aspremont, is then less steep, but offers great panoramic views on the sea and the baous while you'll be waiting for the race.

If you want to go to Aspremont that day to see the race, 3 out of the 4 accesses to the village will be closed owing to the race (Nice, Castagniers, Tourette-Levens). The only way to go there if you don't do it early enough will be to go through Colomars.

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