The Esterel is made of the little mountains which you can see from Cannes, looking Westward. With their ocre rocks disputing the Sea blue, they offer wonderful sightseeings. You should consider hiking there at least once. Unfortunately for us, they are not in the Maritime Alps. Proceed along the sea shore road, heading towards Frejus. With lots of curves, it offers great views on the Sea and the large villas there.

If you do but one hike in the Esterel, choose the Cap Roux (red cape) mountain. It is 300m over the Sea level high and anyone in good health can make it. No climbing. It's only a hike. The first part of the hiking is on a paved road, but there are no cars, because the road is closed. Then, when you get to the large rock on your left, and the road makes a pin hair curve to the right, follow the trail along the crest on your right. It will then turn towards the top. There, the sightseeing will reward you for your efforts.

Use this image to find the start of the hike, on the Trayas road.

Beware : in summer this hike is in direct sunlight and it's very hot because of the rocks. Hike early in the morning or in the evening, not too late to have time to be back before dawn. Bring lots of water, especially if you have children (if they are young consider an other walk as an alternate...) In winter on the contrary, it's a perfect plan.

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